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Promoting Hungarian Culture in Central London!

Hungarian Culture Day
Goulash Étterem Aberdeenben

This weekend took place the Hungarian Culture Day for the second time in Central London.

The event was the biggest Hungarian Cultural event in the capital considering the the amount of participants performing during the 9 hour event. Victoria Gardens Bandstand stage hosted more than 100 participants during the 9 hours on Sunday afternoon.

We have asked one of the main organisers, Istvan Oliver Fatyol – Chairman of the Hungarian Culture and Heritage Society about what his thoughts were about this weekend’s event .

The second Hungarian Culture Day was a very special event, from the organisers to the performers and stall providers; everyone was part of the Hungarian Community of London.

The event was a true unification of the Hungarian community who proudly took part and represented the Hungarian culture in the capital said Oliver.

What was the most challenging part of organising this event in such a prime location?

The central location of Victoria Embankment Gardens was a perfect place for organising an event to promote our culture; the downsides were that we have had a lot of regulations to comply with from the park management and Westminster Council.

Hungarian Culture Day
Hungarian Culture Day

We could not bring many traditional, freshly cooked Hungarian food specialities such as langos or hurka-kolbasz due to the Park’s regulation.

Another challenge was to comply with the noise levels and monitor the decibels on a regular basis to ensure the crowds don’t disturb the local residents.

Overall my thoughts are that the event was very successful, we did well which we could see from all the happy faces and positive feedback received after the festival.

It is especially great to receive good feedback as I could see all the hard work the organisers as well as the volunteers have put in, to provide a Free Event in the heart of London which is easy to get to where a little bit of culture, gastronomy and stage performances could be experienced.

Hungarian Culture Day
Hungarian Culture Day

Did you get any support from any other organisations to make this event happen?

The event was 100% fuelled and financed by the passion and willingness to help from the Hungarian community in London. Most of the performers and all organisers and volunteers have attended the event absolutely free. We have not received or applied for any funds this time, but next year we will be fundraising from the British /European and Hungarian government so that we can invest into the Hungarian Culture Day of 2017 and grow its standard year on year.

We have also received some constructive (and some non-constructive) feedback, which we always welcome and take on-board so that we can look out for things to cater to all needs and tastes.

This was the perfect ending for this interview and we hope these young Hungarians will carry on and organise many more events of a similar kind in the near future.

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Pénzküldés határok nélkül! Akár ingyen!
Pénzküldés határok nélkül! Akár ingyen!

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